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Passo della Costazza/Baita Segantini Height Climbing height
2181m 1458m - 24.3 km (Fiera di Premiero)
642m - 9.7 km (Paneveggio); 1165m - 23.1 km (Predazzo)
507m - 7.6 km (Passo di VallÚs road); 225m - 2.9 km (Passo di Rolle)
Difficulty Beauty
North 2-3 (5); South 1 (5); 3-4 (5) (Fiera di Premiero) 4-5 (5)
How to get there If coming down from Passo di VallÚs (2033m) road you can turn off the road to the left at 1674m – the only turn-off before meeting the main road up to Passo di Rolle (1971m). The gravel road over this pass is usually frequented with many tourists (and is apparently popular among Italians). The road is cyclable for about 4 km, then uncyclable (mostly) for perhaps 2 km (too much sharp big stones on the track/road). Then semi-cyclable up some serpentines to the pass and restaurant (a shepherd’s cottage where the 19th-century painter Segantini once lived). From the south there is a gravel road starting just below Passo di Rolle at 1956m. This road is super smooth and very easy (at least in year 2003).
Other comments You have gorgeous views of the mountain Cimon di Pala (better than the nice views on the way from the south to Passo di Rolle). If only the road had been better, then it would have been the mandatory way for all cyclist passing from Passo di VallÚs to Passo di Rolle or the other way around. But you should go up from Passo di Rolle (and return) if passing by that pass on your trip!