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Rifugio Cornisello Height Climbing height - length
2125m (2078m) 1040m - 11.88 km - 8.8% (Sant’Antonio di Mavignola)
1309m - 15.89 km - 8.3% (Carisolo)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there This is a very little frequented climb by road cyclists, partly because the last little stretch to the rifugio is still gravel only from the height of 2078m, but it is a short and easy stretch. The climb starts just below Sant’Antonio di Mavignola (1085m) on the road to Passo Campo Carlo Magno (1683m). It has a long middle section up through the woods that is quite steep, but then it is easier toward the end again. The real climbing from the south starts at Carisolo (816m) (but you could climb all the way from Tione di Trento (566m) up here). Great views at the top and the rifugio is open in summer.
Other comments The first part of the road was a bit bad from the Mavignola turn-off, but the road becomes better later on. I think it was damaged at one place up in the woods also, but they were working to fix that. It is a nice climb and the highest asphalted road in this area.